14 August

Two vastly different reasons for remembering the date today, and both have resonance. 14 August 1989: (Picture credit: Alex Jay on Twitter, but I'm not sure where he got it from, because it's a photo of a frame from a public television broadcast.) State President PW Botha, the second-last apartheid-era leader of South Africa, the … Continue reading 14 August

“Government is breaking the internet”

Please take some time to read this column by Ivo Vegter. The Cybercrime Bill also criminalises investigative journalism and whistleblowing, by making it illegal to so much as receive government data classified as confidential or secret. Possession and transmission of such information will also be illegal. The way the bill defines cyber-terrorism is far too … Continue reading “Government is breaking the internet”

District 9

I’m now throwing my two cents in. M said it is recommended viewing for all South Africans, and I whole-heartedly agree. This movie can be analysed to death regarding its subtext, but I’ll just say this: it’s well-made. The special effects were hardly noticeable (and considering there was a ruddy great space ship hovering over … Continue reading District 9