Link: On Getting Old(er) in Tech

My friend Janie Clayton linked to this article by Don Denoncourt, which has some interesting thoughts and observations. Something with which I agree: I’ve seen too many people lock themselves into technologies (like Lotus Notes and Domino) and find themselves unmarketable after spending 10 years in that industry. Even if you have a high-paying salary, … Continue reading Link: On Getting Old(er) in Tech

We Didn’t Start 2016

(With apologies to Billy Joel.) Carrie Fisher, Leonard Cohen, Arquette, Geordie Howe George Michael, Nancy Reagan, Phife Dawg, Zydeco Garry Shandling, Garry Marshall, Rob Ford, Ron Glass David Bowie, John Glenn, Wilder, Castro Prince Rogers Nelson, "Freaky" Leon Haywood Zsa Zsa, Henderson, Ricky Harris, Harper Lee David Smyrl, Caldwell, "Wizard of Woo" Worrell, Green and … Continue reading We Didn’t Start 2016


I've taken a break from Twitter for a while. This means unfollowing everyone. I am using Twitter Lists, though, so I am keeping track of events as they occur. I have opened up my Direct Messages, and will respond to DMs (following the golden rule, of course).

New Host

I've recently moved this website to a new hosting provider. Let me know in the comments, or on Twitter at @rabryst, if you see any weird stuff happening.

What to do at PASS Summit 2016

(Originally posted on my SQL Server blog.) Next week, while blog posts are scheduled as expected, I will be attending my third PASS Summit. Summit 2014 In my first year, I attended every single event I could. The Monday night started with Steve Jones' regular Networking Dinner. When I arrived, there were already over a hundred people there, … Continue reading What to do at PASS Summit 2016

14 August

Two vastly different reasons for remembering the date today, and both have resonance. 14 August 1989: (Picture credit: Alex Jay on Twitter, but I'm not sure where he got it from, because it's a photo of a frame from a public television broadcast.) State President PW Botha, the second-last apartheid-era leader of South Africa, the … Continue reading 14 August