Waiting Game

It's past home-time, and here I sit at the office, waiting for 6pm so that I can go and visit my better half. Who knew five weeks would fly past so quickly, and I'd be so lonely yet again. My cell phone bill went DOWN when I was overseas with this person, because I didn't have to phone so often just to hear such a wonderful voice (*Yeah yeah, I can hear you all gagging - I'll stop now*).

Say what?

So explain to me how this works ... the doofus who screwed up the company (my day job) got fired, and everyone he identified for retrenchment kept their jobs, because he wasn't allowed to retrench them. So that's fine, I keep my job. Then when the new boss comes in yesterday, she promotes me. So now I'm full IT Manager, senior staff member, etc etc. It's a mixed feeling, because nobody knows if the company will make it.

I’m back!

I'm back from overseas and loads of news, but no time now :-). We visited Athens, Kalamata, Glifada, Patra, and Kefallonia (the island where Captain Corelli's Mandolin was filmed) while in Greece. Also, thanks to my friend Dirk, we visited The Hague, Amsterdam, and Rotterdam (completely rebuilt after the Second World War). In the UK, … Continue reading I’m back!


In approximately 18 hours, I will be jetting off to Europe on board an Olympic Airways Airbus, destination Athens. Which means that this is my last posting on this site for a while. I'd like to thank my ... no wait, that's my Oscar acceptance speech. Anyway, see you around.

The Final Countdown

I'm now counting down the hours to my trip. At the moment I'm recording Mariah Carey's Without You to mini-disc, for the plane ride and to listen to overseas. Also, my better half is lending me a laptop so that I can work on an idea that I've been formulating for a few years whilst on holiday.


Riddle me this: Why am I having trouble sleeping? I didn't have any caffeine or sugar since 5pm, and dinner was a combination of mince and pasta. And yet, here I sit after midnight, unable to fall asleep. I tried lying down for 45 minutes, but it didn't work! Now I'm listening to Men Without Hats' Pop Goes The World, and I've just finished adding about a chapter to my book (I've been writing it since December 2001 and I'm almost on page 60! That's 19 000 words for the people who know about this sort of thing).

Warm and fuzzy

Did you know? It takes just over two hours to print 1324 pages of the Macromedia Flash 5 Bible across a fast Ethernet LAN to a Xerox Document Centre, back to back and two pages per sheet? And it's still warm when you take it out!