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I’m sporting a new coat of paint on, thanks to Scott Smith and Decode, his port of Underscores.

Scott is one of the amazing people I’ve interacted with on ADN.

I like this theme because it renders quickly, and I don’t need to worry about a separate mobile UI.

Recovering Apple Mail

The Setup

On 9 July 2013, I became aware of a problem with my email. I use OS X on my primary machine, which is usually running the latest beta of everything. I run beta software so that you don’t have to.

My primary mail client on OS X is Mail, the one that’s included “in the box” with OS X. I like it because it stores each email in its own file, with an emlx extension.[1] This will be important later.

The problem presented when I was in one of my Inbox directories. I have three email accounts in Mail, all backed by Google Apps (because problems can happen, and I can access email away from home, etc.).

I noticed that the message preview wasn’t showing in some messages. When I’d click on that email, the body would be blank, with “No Sender” and “No Subject” in the header. So I told Mail to rebuild the mailbox.

It was then that I realised that the 13 000 emails in that Inbox had dropped to around 5 000.
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Calgary flood

We managed to avoid the flood. Our house is on a hill. The storm that brought the flood was intense, reminiscent of Johannesburg, but will more water.

The Zoo had to fire most of their workforce and they’re losing hundreds of thousands of dollars per day.

Support them. Visit and clickety on the donate link.

“Get off my lawn”

I’ve been in and out of the AirCast for the last week or so.

When I did break three bones in my foot and thought it was a sprain, M bought me a cane. This very same cane came in handy now, since I’m off crutches.

I always imagined an old man waving his wooden cane at the neighbourhood kids, yelling at them. Now at 36, I’m that guy. Except my cane is electric blue and made of aluminium.

So if I put my mind to it, I can do steps like a normal person, and not two feet per stair.

There’s a lot of residual pain in my ankle from lack of use, and my right calf muscle is sad and alone. The left one will recover in time.

So the good news is, I can walk again. On level surfaces, I can mostly do without the cane. This is worlds apart from three weeks ago when I was yelling and screaming about crutches. I spent around 80 days on them. It was not cool.

Rambling post over.