Website moved again

I’ve gone for a clean slate on, this site’s official new home, after having merged and migrated my ancient website and sister blog into Of course that /pop/ subdirectory was meant to be temporary, and now I have a redirect file that is longer than my arm.

Nevertheless, I felt it was time to have everything in one place, with a new URL (all previous URLs should redirect magically), and no subdirectories.

Welcome, even though you should technically have never left.

This sucks

Having a broken foot is no picnic.

I’m getting to the place in my head where I’m frustrated that I can’t do the things I took for granted for 30-mumble years.

Like walking up stairs. Emptying the dishwasher (yes, really). Putting on clothes. Showering. Walking down stairs. Driving (though having an automatic transmission makes this easier). Using a step ladder to look for things in cupboards. Carrying anything bigger than a sock.

I led a far more active life than I imagined. I’m sedentary if by that definition I don’t exercise regularly, but this is a completely different kind of lifestyle and it’s driving me to frustration. I would think nothing of running up and down our 34 stairs five to ten times a day. Now I panic going up because the only way down is backwards.

My current process for giving my dog water involves a multi-stage use of crutches and nearby surfaces. First I put the water bowl on the nearest corner of the kitchen table. Then I move it to the other corner. Then I move the bowl to the centre island, where I move it again to the opposite corner. Then I can reach it from the fridge, which is another exercise in frustration. After filling the water bowl, I do the steps in reverse. What used to take maybe fifteen to twenty seconds now takes a good two minutes, and it’s tiring.

If I rush, I fall over. I’m already a clumsy person (hello, broken foot), but this is ridiculous.

I just read a disheartening series of comments on a website I found that emphasises what sort of mental toll this sort of thing takes, irrespective of the physical toll.

Since wearing the cast, which has been less than a day, I have to elevate my foot regularly to make the swelling go down.

This sucks. I have even more respect for other physically disabled people now.

Good news, bad news

The good news is that I’m off my pain medication for the moment. I’ve survived since 8am and it’s noon now.

The bad news is, I’ve been put in a fiberglass cast until at least 13 June (eight weeks from now) because the damage to my foot wasn’t restricted to broken bones.

On the bright side, I’ll be able to sleep under the duvet again. The boot was very impractical from that point of view.


The swelling in my foot has diminished somewhat, and now I can feel pain in other parts of my leg and ankle that were previously overshadowed by the broken bones.

I read a fascinating article on about how the body mends fractures. According to that, and of course my doctor spouse, I should be crutches-free in another week or two. I have to stay in a boot though, but that’s ok. Walking upstairs on crutches is terrifying.

Perhaps I’ll get priority boarding when I fly to Chicago next month.

Yup, redux is upon us. I’m going to do IEDev and IE4 this time around, and the developer in me is especially excited.

Two-Factor Authentication for WordPress

There’s been a major attack on all WordPress (and Joomla) websites worldwide. When I last read about it, over 150 000 IP addresses were involved in the botnet.

My (fantastic) service provider, Site5, with whom I host all of my customers’ sites as well as my own, mitigated the attack through the course of a few days.

However, this is yet another reminder that standard username and password security is a miserable failure.

ADN user @zero posted a link to the Google Authenticator for WordPress yesterday, and after using it for a short time, I have to recommend it for all WordPress users.

There are some caveats though:

  • Don’t have spaces in your Description field, when generating the QR Code. Some implementations of the Google Authenticator don’t like that.
  • Generate an application password if you use WordPress on a mobile device. Write this down before pressing “save” because it is hashed when saved.
  • If your server and your mobile device are out of sync by a few minutes, there’s a setting called “relaxed mode” which will allow for 4 minute drift either way.

That’s pretty much it! As for 1Password (which I use), I have to recommend disabling auto-submit, for obvious reasons. That said, I’ve heard a rumour that they’re building in two-factor authentication at a later stage.

Even so, with 1Password and the Google Authenticator mobile application, this is a fairly simple solution to a massive security risk, and I recommend it.

Broken foot

I broke my foot on Sunday. We were on Vancouver Island, at the very end of our weekend away, staying with friends.

I’d gone outside where it had been raining, saw the garage door closing, decided I’d try run back inside, and slipped on the concrete with wet shoes.

Anyway, we thought it was just a sprain (albeit painful). The flight on Sunday night was ok, but walking off the plane was agony. We acquired the use of the golf cart at the airport.

Yesterday I got a walking stick, but the foot was still sore when I touched it.

Today the foot was turning blue, so we decided to go for X-rays, you know, just in case.

I now have an air cast, which is like an adjustable boot. It means I can keep my foot clean (thank goodness).

I have a base of metatarsal fracture. The two inside bones are broken. Luckily my ankle is fine.

Climbing stairs is interesting. We have three levels in the house, but the crutches make life somewhat easier.