[Originally posted on my Tumblr blog.]

I’m at a charity fundraiser in the guise of a musical show, in which my husband is singing.

When alone, as I find myself now, I people-watch. I’ve done this many times in the past, and I admittedly used to judge them.

Now I just observe.

It’s all theatre.

People are putting their names down in a “silent” auction to buy things. Is it to feel better about themselves? Is it to show other people they are bidding? Is it because they care about the cause?

I suspect the answer to all of these questions is “Yes”, at least to some people.

I used to judge, but now I observe. We are all trying to do whatever we can to get by. To fit in. To be accepted.

We’re in a show, about to see a show.

Seven billion people.

I just observe. After all, I’m one of you. I’m “the guy playing on his phone”.