SQL Preparation, Part the First

As I noted in a previous entry, I’m going to be upgrading my SQL Server knowledge with the best minds in the business, in early 2012.

To prepare myself for this training, I’m planning on going through the 40+ hours of videos that are provided for MCM training, as well as two of the required books:

– Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Internals (Amazon)
– SQL Server 2008 Query Performance Tuning Distilled (Amazon)

I’ll document my progress on this blog (if I remember), because Shaun asked me to and he’s in South Africa and I’m not. I’m thinking of tagging my entries as “SQL Prep” or something similar.

Hazards of recorded history …

John Gruber calls it “Claim Chowder” where someone predicts something in the future that is shown as completely wrong, as the future catches up to those claims.

As I’m going through my 900+ blog entries to make sure internal links are working, and having a good chuckle at the expense of myself (after all, what’s not funny about making an ass of yourself?), I do find the occasional entry that stops me in my tracks.

For instance, this entry from 2007, before Joost van der Westhuizen divorced his wife and was diagnosed with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis). In the article I linked to, he was participating in a scam to do with mineral water that could allegedly repair DNA and slow the ageing process.

It’s sad because he was taken in by this scam, and I mocked him for it. Now that he’s probably going to die in the next five years from ALS, I feel kind of guilty for making fun of him. It’s claim chowder, sure, but it’s also some guy’s life we’re talking about.

It makes you think.


In one month, I’m turning thutty-five.

I’m also in the process of migrating over 16 years’ worth of blog and personal website into one WordPress installation.

As I go through the content, I’m struck by the number of times I’ve sworn, and in particular the “f-word”. So where it hasn’t added anything to the context, I’ve replaced it or removed it. In blog entries, I’ve (mostly) swapped out the “u” for a “*”. And in some cases, I’ve left it in (especially in my original writing).

I’m turning into an old-person-who-is-embarrassed-by-his-swearing, I think. I won’t stop doing it, or writing it, but I will try to limit it where it becomes unnecessary.

See How They Run

I’ve been busy with the local community theatre group here in Lloydminster. We go on stage this weekend for three nights. The first night was completely sold out, so they added another night before the first night, which is almost sold out. The second date, which became the third date, is the matinee, and is almost halfway booked. We anticipate walk-ins on that day through word of mouth from the first two nights.

Here’s the latest press, which includes me in the photo.

See How They Run
A shot from a dress-rehearsal

WordPress Migration

Some time ago, I converted my blog from simplephpblog to WordPress, leaving the rest of the site in flat HTML with some PHP headers (to maintain consistency and reduce duplicate code). I even wrote an open-source C# application to perform the blog migration (which had a couple of bugs but did much of the heavy lifting).

I’ve decided that I’m too old to keep generating new files every time I want to add something, so here is the complete WordPress-enabled version of Quantum Resonance. The blog has also been merged, so that it’s all in one place.

Some pages have been axed or moved as part of the cleanup.

Where necessary, I’ve put in 301 Redirects for certain pages that are indexed on Google, since the URL convention I’m using is a little more user- and search-engine friendly.

Enjoy! Feedback is welcome.