Screen brightness and migraines

Recently I decided to install Windows 7 on my iMac. I have the 27″ Core i5 model, which is a whole lot of screen and power.

Unfortunately, Boot Camp’s drivers for the screen brightness were abysmal, and I ended up getting a severe migraine after playing a game for two hours because it was too bright.

Enter ATI Catalyst Control Center, the alleged savior. Except for some reason, version 11 doesn’t seem to want to install anything that lets me manipulate the brightness.

I eventually found a program (free of charge, no longer supported) called Desktop Lighter 1.4. It is superb. I am now running it at 5% brightness and now it looks like my OS X brightness.

The small matter of the mouse not obeying the brightness rules was remedied by enabling mouse trails, with the short setting, and now I can enjoy the vast expanse of Borderlands on my 27″ screen.

NCANE.COM will be shut down soon

NCANE.COM is five years old this month. What started out as a side project grew astronomically with the advent of Twitter, and as a result, I was deluged with spam and shut it down to unregistered users. You know, you guys.

So I do apologise about that. Seriously.

What I’m planning to do now is shut it down permanently. I did what I needed to with the project, which was to advance my PHP and MySQL skill levels. I even open-sourced the project under the MIT license (that’s more open than my own blog).

As for the over thirty-thousand URLs that were created, I haven’t decided yet. Some people rely on these links to this day (I’m one of them), and because of the generous pass-through image handling I built into the engine, that could break a lot of websites. I don’t want to do that.

I am also considering releasing the links to the public (with the originating IP addresses removed for protection of the guilty). As 30 000 isn’t really that many, it could easily fit in a CSV or XML document which will compress down very nicely.

Thoughts and comments are welcome.