Ok, I lied

So I lied. A few other things have happened in the last couple of months.

I’ve released a third beta for ShutOff 2010, and new versions of the Password Generator 2010, Simple Lotto Number Generator 2010, and the ShutOff 20×0 registry cleaner.

Simple HexConverter 2010 is also almost ready for release.

Yes, I sold out with the names of those products. I decided to plug in “2010” and “Simple” in as many places as possible. No, I will not apologise.

You can find these new products at http://itsol.co.za/.

What else? Ah yes, a complete stranger told me of changes to the WordPress table structure which necessitated changes to the SimplePHPBlogToWordPressConverter (another name I shall not apologise for, despite it being a bugger to type). Since my involvement in said project is now over, I made him a project lead and he committed some code changes. Thanks, Hans! (I think his name is Hans.)

Not much else. Promise!

Still alive!

Not much to say. Sorry for my readers (all three of you). So much has happened, and yet not much has happened. It’s the same as when you catch up with an old friend and find out that apart from that big piece of news, they are the same person.

So for the record, our big piece of news is that we’re part owners of the clinic. Other than that, not much else! 🙂