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SAMA and DoH are having meetings with chicken wings and sandwiches, like all DoH meetings. The problem doesn't get solved, but at least no one loses any weight while at the meeting.

Human Pin Code Saga Continues

There has been a flurry of activity from the SAME IP address on the Wikipedia entry for the Human Pin Code, claiming to be from different people. The Ex-Human Pin Code Insider who spoke out in a previous blog entry has put together a case study on this.

Since the article has been deleted due to the verifiability of the content (specifically the lack thereof), the issue is moot. Nevertheless, it's more damning evidence against the farcical running of the fraud that is the Human Pin Code.

Click to view the Wikipedia case study.

Click to view Matthew Kirkland's response about the misuse of his name.

EDIT: Brian van der Spuy's original critique of the Human Pin Code has been mirrored here because GeoCities has been closed by Yahoo.

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(12:50:14 PM) Michael: I am drinking some choice ethiopian atm
(12:50:48 PM) Randolph: coffee, I hope?
(12:51:13 PM) Randolph: the entire office is sitting in a stunned silence, waiting for your next comment
(12:51:40 PM) Michael: A roast so dark you can't see the blood from the oppressed migrant worker on the beans

Ex-Human Pin Code Insider Speaks Out

This is a damning report on a person who appears to have been pulling the wool over South Africans’ eyes for a while now. Some interesting reading indeed. The attachments can be clicked on to view.

Suffice it to say that if I were this man, I’d hope my customers and business associates don’t institute legal action against me (we don’t have class action suits in SA, but we should), asking for full refunds.

I wonder whether the police would be interested in instituting a fraud investigation as well.

The information is in the public domain, so if you wish to link to it, please feel free. I am reproducing it here as I feel that it is in the public’s interest.

[Matthew Kirkland responded to Jason Dale on the morning of the 6th of April 2008 at 7:07am, claiming that he was not aware of the comments about the patent on Wikipedia, and that his name was used fraudulently and without his authorization. Matthew has also curtly indicated that he does not wish to be involved in any “disputes” between Jason Dale and Douglas Forbes. There is no conclusive evidence to prove Matthew’s explanation at this time.]

Dear Matthew,


Attachment 1: Local and international patent name search report (Paulo Lopes (MyPatent))
Attachment 2: Washington State Library Correspondence and feedback (Kathryn Devine (WSL))
Attachment 3: Background information
Attachment 4: Legal correspondence

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Pre-Announcement Announcement

I have been told that there is some potentially interesting (i.e. "May you live in interesting times") news being revealed in the not too distant future. I will review this information, and if it is in the public interest, I will publish it on one or more of my websites.

The Selective Democracy


SA’s selective democracy
Chris Moerdyk

Almost exactly 15 years ago, Nelson Mandela took the oath of office as President of the Republic of South Africa and our country immediately became the world’s most shining example of a constitutional democracy at its best.

We smiled, walked tall and generally looked down our noses at far less perfect democracies like the USA, UK, and Europe.

Today, we are not the world’s best example of a constitutional democracy. If anything, the only sort of democracy we can lay claim to is a Selective Democracy, which is probably the worst kind of democracy there is.

Selective Democracy is so bad that it’s actually almost better to come right out and admit to being a one party dictatorship of a country in which the favourite national pass time is social one-upmanship.

You know you live in a Selective Democracy when:
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