More madcap humour

Equally as funny as the failed $700bn nationalisation of private US banks are the antics of the Ferrari F1 team on Sunday, during the first ever night race. I laughed out loud when Raikonnen crashed into the wall four laps from the end.

Who needs the Large Hadron Collider anyway?

The US House of Representatives has defeated the $700bn emergency rescue package proposed to save their economy. I think it was Warren Buffet who said that if it doesn't go through, the market will go into a free-fall.

Did you hear that? It was the sound of millions of investors saying "Oh, shit!"

All of a sudden, I'm glad I left Nedbank when I did.

This Week in Batman: Poison Ivy and Dr Beetroot

Seriously, they're staying? What happened to loyalty?


And now Poison Ivy is running the country until the new guy is sworn in (Kgalema Motlanthe). I knew it would be a female, but Ivy? Heaven preserve us. At least it's only for 11 hours. What's the worst that could happen? … Three hours left …

At least Alec Erwin has quit. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

A statement from Desmond Tutu


Cape Town – A statement issued by Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu.

“I am deeply disturbed by recent events in our beloved county. The so-called recalling of the President of our land fits the pattern of the settling of scores and the throwing about of weight that has happened post-Polokwane.

” Why sack two Premiers with only a few months of their terms left to run and then to re-employ one of them in the Presidency if it is not to prove that there are new cocks of the walk?

“Why humiliate the nation’s President in this fashion like the two Premiers with only a few months of his term of office left and that without giving him the chance to respond to any charges that the NEC might have laid?

“Ironically one of the reasons Judge Nicholson declared Mr Jacob Zuma’s indictment invalid was that the NPA had not afforded him the right to explain why he should not be charged.

“President Mbeki has scored many significant achievements in our economy and in promoting peace in Africa, most recently in Zimbabwe. But he has made many enemies even within his party for his intolerance of challenges and dissent. South Africa puzzled many of our friends by odd foreign policy decisions that betrayed our history on his watch. Those enemies have got their revenge and are gloating as they rub his nose in the mud.
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Someone broke the LHC

"Spokesperson James Gillies says experts have gone into the Large Hadron Collider to examine the damage that halted operations soon after the start-up."

… And haven't been seen since.

And in other completely unrelated news, no one in this timeline has heard of Jesus Christ, and Arnold Schwarzenegger is president of USA.