On Satanism, Swords and Slipknot

The country has been going on the last two days about an 18 year old boy who killed another boy at school with a sword, and then attacked two gardeners. The original reports described the boy as being dressed in a balaclava, with his face smeared in black paint. Details emerged later in the day about how the boy blamed Satan for his actions, and was dressed like the drummer in a band called Slipknot. He was also high on drugs at the time.

I'm fed up with people blaming a supernatural force for their own actions. I'm fed up with others believing those who blame a supernatural force for their actions. I'm especially fed up with those who blame *music* for "Satanic" acts. People must take responsibility for their actions, and parents need to reinforce this behaviour from birth.

In matric I did a speech for the Senior Best Speaker competition about this very matter. I didn't win the competition, but I feel the same way about it now as I did in 1994: music is *not* evil. If you take a psychologically troubled person and let their imagination get away with them, then they will try to find anything to blame except themselves. Now throw drugs into the equation.

Police have released statistics which show that violent crimes are usually as a result of drug abuse. There are countless articles worldwide defending this point of view (check Google), and I am inclined to believe it. Drugs cause an altered state of consciousness that affect a person's ability to tell right from wrong, and music and Satan are the convenient scapegoats.

So to all those people out there bringing up the heavy metal and Satan angle, stop your shit. It's tired and worn out and I don't buy it. For the amount of heavy metal music I've listened to, I should be a raving Satanist by now, killing cats and other humans by the dozen. I've only willfully killed one animal before, and I'm not proud of it (it was a hunting party, I was 14 and it was a hare), and although I joke about killing stupid people all the time, I don't act on it. Probably because a) I take responsibility for my actions, and b) I'm not high on drugs.

Vote PC Mall for good service

Last Tuesday, I bought a Linksys AM200 ADSL modem from PC Mall. On Thursday, I dropped them an email asking when I could expect delivery. Someone called Iain replied with a vague email about freight and suppliers and so forth, indicating that I'd be in for a bit of a wait. So I contacted a friend and acquired a borrowed unit to sync my line on Thursday evening.

On Friday, out of the blue, a delivery man appeared with a Linksys AM200 ADSL modem in hand, and my name on the delivery note, so I was pleasantly surprised. However, upon opening the box, I discovered a fault report dated 28 May 2008, for the exact model (I compared serial numbers), and not much in the way of "package contents". The plug wasn't even localised.

On Friday evening, I had to download the manual off the Internet using my borrowed router, and fought for a long time to get the connection working. M was frustrated to the point of going to watch a Ryan Reynolds movie, much to my chagrin.

Eventually it was all working, and I forgot about the whole thing until Monday morning, when I received a "Customer Feedback Survey" in my mailbox. This is what I wrote:
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Good news (sort of)

“Police are investigating how a controversial Zimbabwean politician – hell-bent on stalling the power-sharing talks – has come into possession of a R1,4-million armoured Mercedes-Benz allegedly registered with the South African government’s VIP protection unit.” (Source)

If you recall, I wrote about this very same vehicle trying to drive me off the road last year.

On the bright side, if you read the article, police are not very impressed with Justine Chiota. Neither am I, of course.

If they bother using Google at all, and ask me to testify, my original charge of attempted murder stands.