Too quiet …

That's me, too quiet … on the issue of Jon Qwelane's article this last Sunday equating homosexuality with bestiality. He must be fired by his newspaper, fined by the Human Rights Commission, and banned from writing in public media. He is no better than the Mugabe he praises, or Hitler before him.

Now I’ve seen it all

"The words 'Friendster', 'Klum', 'Nazr', 'Obama', and 'Racicot' are not recognized when you check the spelling in Windows Vista and in Windows Server 2008."

Let's analyse this for a second. Granted, Merriam-Webster have just added about a hundred new words to their collegiate dictionary, but I'm very confused. How are the above words English?

Anyway, if you have Vista or Server 2008, you would have seen something about an "Important" download for Windows in yesterday's monthly updates. In this case, one file of 62.9MB, to add the above five words to the dictionary.

The workaround, on Microsoft's website, is to add those words to the custom dictionary. Problem solved.

What a waste of bandwidth!