Heard around the house

Our dogs are called Biscuit and Molly.

"Have you two dogs been good today?"

Rustle of plastic.

"Sit. Sit. Sit. Sit. Sit. Good dog Biscui — ow, Molly, you bitch."

Why Arnold can’t be president

Austria has a bad reputation politically, and that reputation was sullied even more this week with the news of Josef F, now 73, who allegedly fathered seven children with his daughter, whom he kept locked up in a cellar for 24 years. Along with incinerating one of the babies who died shortly after birth, he kept three others in the dark until now.

Sorry, Arnold. but Adolf, Josef and Wolfgang Priklopil are not helping your chances of changing the US Constitution. Plus your middle name is the same as Adolf's dad. That can't help.

Incidentally, I heard that California is the sixth largest economy in the world. Arnold might as well be president anyway. Just don't mention Austria.

Bullard’s Article

(This is a repost from Times Live, where the article has since been removed. Make up your own mind.)

Uncolonised Africa wouldn’t know what it was missing
Published: Sunday Times Apr 07, 2008

Imagine for a moment what life would be like in South Africa if the evil white man hadn’t come to disturb the rustic idyll of the early black settlers.

Ignored by the Portuguese and Dutch, except as a convenient resting point en route to India. Shunned by the British, who had decided that their empire was already large enough and didn’t need to include bits of Africa.

The vast mineral wealth lying undisturbed below the Highveld soil as simple tribesmen graze their cattle blissfully unaware that beneath them lies one of the richest gold seams in the world. But what would they want with gold?
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Apparently made famous by Homer Simpson, this expression was first used (I imagine) 96 years ago today, as Captain W Smith went down with the Titanic.

Happy Iceberg Day, Titanic!


When I was 10, I went to England for the first time, and kept a diary. Would any of you be interested if I were to reproduce it here, day for day, from 1987-1988? For that matter, would anyone be interested in seeing the aborted follow-up from 1994? I'm always fascinated how blogging has become so pervasive, and yet I was doing it over 20 years ago, under a different guise.

Most Efficient Government Department?

I received this email, this morning, from the South African Revenue Service.

Dear eFiler

In the light of the financial year-end, SARS politely requests that you effect your tax payments which are due in March by no later than noon on Monday, 31 March 2008.

If the above is not applicable to you, please ignore this message.

Kind regards
The SARS eFiling Team

I checked the mail headers, just to be sure. After all, it was a slim possibility it had been sitting on my mail server for a little while.

Return-Path: <bounce-268436847-23952G@>
Delivered-To: [[withheld]] @ itsol.co.za
Received: (qmail 21964 invoked by uid 1010); 7 Apr 2008 03:33:52 +0200

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