What petrol really costs in SA

Updated: 2011-12-22

I think I want to own a petrol station. Dealers get 91.8 cents per litre (Source: Shell.com).

On an estimate of 150 litres a month, you’re paying over R130 to a petrol station for the convenience of putting petrol in your car. Let’s say 500 or 1000 people do that every month. Throw in the income from hyperinflated chips, cooldrinks, cigarettes and chocolates from the “convenience” store, and you’re looking pretty.

I think I want to own a petrol station.

Excuse me sir, are you carrying illegal isotopes?

“Vehicle goes by at 70 miles per hour,” Giuliano told the crowd. “Agent is in the median, a good 80 feet away from the traffic. Signal went off and identified an isotope [in the passing car].”

The agent raced after the car, pulling it over not far from the monitoring spot (near the Bow-Edison exit, 18 miles south of Bellingham). The agent questioned the driver, then did a cursory search of the car, Giuliano said.

Did he find a nuke?

“Turned out to be a cat with cancer that had undergone a radiological treatment three days earlier,” Giuliano said.

He added: “That’s the type of technology we have that’s going on in the background. You don’t see it. If I hadn’t told you about it, you’d never know it was there.”

(Source: http://o.seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/dannywestneat/2004300343_danny23.html)