Seen on MSN

2008/01/24 18:48:53 <John> hi?
2008/01/24 18:48:53 <John> you there at all?
2008/01/24 18:49:05 <Randolph> hello
2008/01/24 18:50:44 <John> hii
2008/01/24 18:50:45 <John> how u
2008/01/24 18:51:31 <Randolph> which John are you? I know several
2008/01/24 18:51:33 <John> fucking sexy I am.
2008/01/24 18:51:37 <John> like the tats?
2008/01/24 18:52:07 <Randolph> i.e. do you have a surname?
2008/01/24 18:52:34 <John> my name is slater daniels
2008/01/24 18:52:51 <John> u?
2008/01/24 18:53:02 <Randolph> bye bye, wingnut
2008/01/24 18:53:09 <John> what?

Domains transferred

Well it's done now … the domains have been transferred, and now it's just a simple matter of waiting for the DNS to update. I found a few problems with the migration, specifically to do with the upgrade from PHP 4 to 5. MySQL behaved itself.

NCANE.COM is going out of beta on 1 February 2008, so keep your eyes on that. I've added user login and URL personalisation and tracking. Very cool!

“Power cuts enrage South Africans”


Power cuts enrage South Africans
Jan 16 2008 09:18 PM

Johannesburg – Power cuts are endangering motorists at traffic intersections, inflicting heavy losses on businesses and infuriating South Africans already disillusioned by leaders embroiled in corruption cases.

State-owned utility Eskom is planning to spend R300bn to boost power capacity in the continent’s biggest economy over the next five years but South Africans plagued by rolling blackouts are losing patience.
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My brother is a copywriter, and showed us three mew new ads he developed for the new Opel Corsa. Check them out when you get a chance. They are flighting this weekend on MTV, and various other channels.

“Bill Gates answers your questions”

BBC News provided an opportunity to ask Bill Gates various questions, which he answered at CES in Las Vegas.

I asked this, but it didn’t get past the censors:

Mr Gates, do you agree that the biggest problem facing the continent of Africa is lack of education, and that this is the leading cause of crime, food shortages and health pandemics? If so, how is your foundation working to improving this situation? Hint: laptop computers are not the solution.