Zuma formally charged

Hot on the heels of winning the presidency of the African National Congress, the Grade Five-educated Jacob Zuma (clearly he isn't smarter than a fifth grader) has been formally charged with corruption.

Put 14 August 2008 in your diaries. I predict it will be postponed or struck off the roll again.

Da same, da same

Molly is back in doggie hospital with the same symptoms as Saturday. She was fine up until this morning when I went to feed her and Biscuit. She was dehydrated, emitting from both ends, and drunk on her feet. I really hope she doesn't die.


R1200 later (excluding the cost of the dog or the vaccination of Biscuit and her new diet food), it turns out Molly has Coccidiosis. I'm happy that she's alive, and I probably would have spent a lot more than that, but it is a good lesson for others: make sure your new puppy is properly vaccinated, and at least eight weeks old, before separating it from its mother.

Sickly child

Today is my 31st birthday. It has been overshadowed by a sickly animal, the new dachshund we got this week (we are going to call her Molly). I am very worried about her, so we're going to the vet at 5pm.

Biscuit moved in today and she's still getting her bearings.

I feel like a bad parent for having a sick doggie.

ShutOff 2000

Having lost all but one version of the source code for ShutOff 2000, I re-released it today, ten days early, as a point release (2.8.3). 2.8.2 fixed a problem with date formats across different timezones, so I just re-applied those changes to the 2.8.1 code-base, plus a couple of other minor enhancements.

For users of ShutOff 2000, please be aware that there is a date restriction of 2007/12/31 built in to the system (I was expecting to have ShutOff 2008 through the door by now), so you have to upgrade before the end of the year.


We got this today.

We still have to find a name for her, but I like the idea of Mavis. Marinus suggested Mandy, a combination of Marinus and Randy. Twinkle and Jelly are other suggestions.

My other dog, who is finally coming to stay with me since I left her with my mother 4 years ago, is called Biscuit. She will be here before my mother moves.

EDIT: We ended up calling her Molly.

So it begins

The African National Congress, the ruling party of South Africa, has amended the SA Constitution to increase the number of members in the National Executive Committee, reportedly to increase the number of women in high office.

I’m not convinced. This has the same stink that afflicted certain other governments when they increased the size of parliament to pass partisan laws.

(Source: http://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/Politics/ANC-amends-constitution-20071217)


My email is gone (well, a large chunk between May and November), and I've only got an older version of the ShutOff 2000 source code (2.8.1, which is one point release old, and I know what I changed), but the rest is recoverable, or recreatable.

On the bright side, I haven't even tried to recover the drive yet, so all may not be lost. Even if I don't, I can cope.