Windows and me

P35 motherboard, Intel Core 2 Duo 2.6GHz, 4GB RAM, 2 x 500GB HDD, 1 x 80GB HDD, 1 x 300GB HDD, 2 x 19" LCDs (when M gets his iMac, I get his screen), and all of that ruined by Windows Vista.

So when XP SP3 comes out, I think I'm going back to XP.

Shocking, don't you think?


I'm trying to clean up some music on my iMac, to keep bitrate and sampling consistent, etc. In my experience, I've found MusicMatch to be the fastest way to resample MP3s, with its built-in converter. Problem is, the latest version doesn't work on Windows Vista. That's the first problem.

So I decided to see whether the new MusicMatch works on Vista (i.e. some crap called Yahoo! Music Jukebox). It does (and looks pretty scary), but inconveniently enough, after "migrating" from MusicMatch to Yahoo!, the converter is gone.

Then I spent most of the evening looking for decent converters. There aren't any.

So my laptop, which has a working version of Windows 2000, is now running MusicMatch 9 Plus and converting the files the old-fashioned way. It's very time consuming, but at least I can trust the output. And fortunately, when I sync the files back to iTunes, no ID3 tags are lost.

For the record, Steven, MP3TagEditor sucks. So does WinAmp.


This is the managing agent who is supposedly in charge of the complex where we presently live. Today they cut off our electricity despite two months of battling to sort out payment of our account, plus written proof of payment from their side.

COMPEG, I hope you read this. Arthur, the man in charge of the complex, will not take my call.


I nailed it, and my handwriting got progressively worse as the paper went on. I wrote Criminology 201: Personal, Social and Environmental Crime Perspectives, Crime Prevention and Victimisation in just over an hour (the first to finish by the look of things – 60 people wrote).

Now I tackle the script for the work thing, and find some appropriate music to go with it.

The other good news is that our Domestic Operations Specialist, Gladys, has agreed to remain with us when we move to Linden in the next month.

The even better news is that I don't have to think about another stitch of my UNISA degree until February 2008.

Studying and other things

My last exam is Criminology, which I write tomorrow morning. Then I will spend the rest of the day writing a script for work, for an industrial theatre piece our team is putting on next week.

I've also finished setting up a server at my new service provider. qmail, Apache, MySQL, and a few other cool things have been set up, as well as a full backup solution (backup2l rocks!).

Once the necessary notice period has been granted, I will transfer all 25 domains to the new box, hopefully with spectacularly few problems. Most of the sites currently don't need any tweaking for the different platform (I'm moving from Red Hat to Debian), but this one is an exception, so I will be doing full testing in the interim.

In other news, we're moving to Linden in the next month, to be closer to the hospital where Marinus is devoting the next two years of his life.

Seen on MSN

<A> you have no idea the shit I've tried
<A> gawds I even joined the CT Bears
<A> and THEY called me a GENTLEMEN BIKER … what the heck is that?

Exam Stress

Today's exam was slightly less hellish than I was expecting, but I couldn't remember this:


These are the four basic principles of Invitational Education. Cool, huh?