Quote of the Week

"Dan Whatsit and his preposterously awful Leonardo book are actually relevant to our theme. I usually last longer with any best-selling novel, however pathetic, than I did with his. But in his case I knew from the very first word that this was a writer of absolutely zero interest, insight, wit, understanding or ability. A blunderer of monumental incompetence. The first word, can you credit it, is 'renowned'. 'Renowned symbologist Henry Titfeather '.' or something equally drivelling, that's how this dreadful book opens. How do you begin to explain to someone that you just don't start a fictional story by telling your readers that your character is 'renowned'? You show it, you don't tell it." – Stephen Fry

Sick children

Apparently, studies have shown that cough medicine is ineffective in children, and in some cases harmful. I'm sure that those cases would be the self-medicating kind. I remember when my brother self-medicated with a red-coloured cough mixture which he referred to as "red Coke".

Hang on … that was box wine, it wasn't cough mixture …

I digress. I think it's a good thing to give children alcohol. It helps them sleep better, and if you're that kind of person, it's also a good marinade.


Apparently there's some big match tonight. Meanwhile, my husband and I will be watching High School Musical 2, which I taped last night.

Good luck to the rugby players, and no flak from the supporters please – I'm not a fan.

Sweet Jesus

An artist called Cosimo Cavallaro, who happens to have a picture of a burning piano on his home page (just to put things in context), is causing a lot of consternation regarding a chocolate sculpture of Jesus in the buff.

I had a look at the picture, and I'd say artistically speaking, it's not that great. The statue of David is much better. And also naked.

I wonder if this is not just a way to get people to look at naked statues?

Touch me

My i-mate K-JAM's touch-screen died about two weeks ago. I am busy transferring everything back to my P900, which fortunately I didn't get rid of last year, so that I can send the K-JAM in for repairs. Hopefully it's nothing serious, because I actually like the K-JAM.