Robert “Amin” Mugabe

From the related link:

Harare – Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe said on Friday he had acknowledged to his fellow African leaders that opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai had been assaulted, but said he deserved it.

The Secret …

Someone the other day said I should read this book. I don't remember who or why, but I wrote the title down.

Now I've read an article raking its face (related link). I'm not so sure it's worth any more than Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code now.

Besides, it's written by a woman called Rhonda. Please!

Four down

Four assignments for my degree are done and submitted! I have one more due for 7 April 2007, and then a three week breather until the next round.

Solid-state storage

As predicted*, the first 2½” notebook drive based on flash technology has been released by SanDisk. It currently sits at 32GB and is twice as fast as a 5400 80GB ATA drive. See related link.

I’m just wondering though … since flash drives traditionally have a retention period of about ten years, are magnetic SCSI hard drives still the most reliable long-term storage mechanism?

* I predicted that in 2010, we would have 1TB solid-state hard drives.

South African Police Service

If you’re looking for a service that ignores you when your life is in danger on the road because “that’s not our department”, then the SAPS is for you.

If you’re looking for a service that has drivers who consider you “collateral damage” and try to drive over you because they’re in the wrong lane on the road, then the SAPS is for you.

First instance, a minibus taxi tried to squeeze between a bakkie driving in the left lane, and me driving in an 230E Mercedes-Benz in the middle lane. He hooted, he cajoled, he pushed, but we (the bakkie driver and I) simply drove closer together and dropped our speed. Two cars up were cops in convoy, and through open window at the next traffic light, I asked them to consider the taxi driver who was trying to kill me. Their response is noted in my opening paragraph. I closed my passenger window in disgust.

Second instance, I was about to turn into my office’s parking. I was in the middle lane, about to move into the right lane. There was an intersection about 50m ahead. A black Mercedes-Benz with a blue light on top tried to push me off the road because the driver realised he was in the wrong lane. Instead of apologising when he saw me (he obviously forgot to check his blind spot), he simply turned on his blue light (no indicator yet to indicate his intentions) and tried to drive over me. My passenger window was now closed, but it didn’t stop me shouting “f*ck you” at him. He then waited for me to pass before trying to drive over the smaller car behind me.

The registration number of the big black Mercedes was “GP GP”. If you know who this is, tell him from me his driver is an attempted murderer. This is not libel. I will defend my actions in court if I have to.

Oh Thank God!

Microsoft has acknowledged the Vista bug that I mentioned last week, relating to copying and moving files over the network, and released a hotfix (see related link).

There's a catch, though: the $59.00 support charge.

Edit: I've just remembered that I'm a Microsoft Partner, so I'm going to try get the patch that way, i.e. free.

Edit: Or not …

This Web site is unavailable due to a planned maintenance outage. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience. We anticipate that the site will be available again by March 29, 2007 at 5:00 P.M. PST. If you need immediate assistance, your Microsoft Regional Service Center will be able to help with most services during this time.

More on technology

Vista on my notebook is still running, but it is a lot quicker since I turned off the search service, and run a defrag every night.

I've changed's index page (the code behind it), so that it is a lot more efficient. The old version was getting too complicated in terms of if-then statements, especially with the new intermediate page for popular links. Now everything is function driven.

I got my hands on the source code to a project I've been plotting for some time. My developer (and partner in crime) has had time constraints, so he's sent me the code to flesh out the look of the project and write some additional stuff. I am probably just as busy as he is, but I do have some time between assignments after next week, whereas he's been sitting on it for over a month, unable to do anything.

My fiance is working yet again tonight, so I will be home alone. It gives me ample opportunity to finish two assignments that are due on Saturday (I know, I know, but I didn't decide the due date). I must remember to record Nip / Tuck for him though.

As an aside, has anyone else noticed how weird that show has become? I'm thinking that the show's writers are smoking the same stuff Trey Parker does.

I hate Vista

It was a foregone conclusion, but I put myself through it anyway.

The most annoying bug (and I'm not alone in this), is the inability to write files on network shares from the Vista Windows Explorer. Any third party app works fine. Crazy, huh? And no, it's not permissions. I turned all that shit off.

I found two bugs in Word 2007 as well. The first is the, ahem, over-zealous undo function, that wipes out entire paragraphs with one Ctrl-Z. The other is the misplaced delete: if I select a word and press the backspace key, it deletes the preceding word.

It's too late to go back to XP now, but let's hope SP1 fixes some of the performance and usability issues.

I stand by my original idea: Microsoft rebooted development on Vista, but just made a bloated version of XP. They should have started from scratch and just incorporated Virtual PC a la Apple's Classic interface for old software. If the .NET Framework is as good as they claim, apps written in C# and VB.NET would run on the new platform with little or no change.

It’s official

My future hubby has proposed a date to become my real hubby: 14 July 2007. I've accepted.

In unrelated news, today is our 18 month anniversary.