Windows Vista

I see the minimum requirements for Windows Vista include a CD-ROM drive, but I was under the impression that it comes on DVD.

I was one of those people who got Windows 95 when it launched. It came on 13 stiffy disks, and it was very cool.

Vista? I'm not interested right now. I can't afford the R3000 – R5000 upgrade for all my hardware. It's an OS, for goodness sake. Plus, I still run VB 6 apps and SQL Server 2000.

Madame Deputy President Places Foot Firmly In Mouth

"Cape Town – South Africans have a "moral responsibility" to share wealth, South Africa's Deputy President Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka said here on Tuesday."

Up yours. My money is my money. I don't have any obligation to share it with anyone else unless I choose to. I work hard enough for it.

Y … *hic* … yay!

I've been nominated amongst others for the "SANCTA ANNUAL ONE ACT AND FUL LENGTH AWARDS" (sic).

Excuse me while I jump up and down with indifference.

I was notified in an email so badly written, by a man incapable of stringing a sentence together, or using correct punctuation. He is the deputy chairperson for SANCTA.

People wonder why no one takes them seriously. Here's an excerpt. I have not changed anything.

hello all, here is the list of nominations for the awards , the ceremony to be held on sun 18th Feb at 2pm at Orban school, auckland park. NOTE- The Naledi ceremony is Mon 19th at old RAU- jhbg university.

There are some changes to the awarding system this year, new categories, and many surprise nominees and winners(just as in previous yrs) -esp in one act sections.In the one act festival- the following festivals are included- The Franklin players festival,the NSA fest of fame;the Sasol Secunda Fest and The 27th Sancta fest

Random news

A bugfix release of ShutOff 2000 has been released, thanks to some feedback from a new customer. Visit for more information.

I will blog soon about my wonderful holiday with my better half (whom I never give enough praise) in Umhlanga Rocks last week.

At work I’ve been busy on new reports, as well as applying some of the training I went on before my holiday. The latest achievement was an interface between SQL Server 2005 and SAS. Currently our source data is delivered in SAS files, which SQL Server 2005 (for some odd reason) doesn’t want to open. However, SAS has no problem linking to SQL.

So, my solution was to invoke SAS through a custom application that delivers the data from SAS to SQL Server 2005 using scripts that the app sends. Everyone is quite chuffed with this, as am I.

For the record, I hate washing dishes.

Umhlanga Rocks

From (very early in the morning of) 15 January to (very late in the evening of) 19 January, Marinus took me to Umhlanga Rocks. For those who don't know, this is a town north of Durban, in Natal (KZN).

We stayed in a complex, which is owned by the bank where I work as part of a massive timeshare plan which they extend to their employees. The townhouse had two bedrooms and was fairly comfortable.

The weather was blisteringly hot, and all the ceiling fans in the house were left on at all hours just to generate a draught.

During the week, we went to Gateway shopping mall, visited the beach at the famous lighthouse, went to uShaka Sea World (sharks and dolphins and seals and rays and lots of cool creatures), the Natal Sharks Board, the Botanical Gardens, and a magic / music show at the local casino (featuring Philippart and Anja, whom I originally saw in "Beyond Belief" at Sun City). We also managed to squeeze in a visit to a friend of M's who lives in Kloof (which is a lot cooler than Durban).

On our last day, since we had to book out by 9am, we did the Midlands Meander. The drive there was long (it starts at Howick, which is the wrong side of Pietermaritzburg), but was worth it. We visited several places, including a millhouse restaurant and Howick Falls, an ice-cream farm and a cheese farm, and then on our way to the airport, we stopped off in Durban at a little restaurant where I had the biggest burger of my life. Wow!

Anyway, thank you to my darling honey for a wonderful time.

Thoroughly Modern Millie

Yesterday M took me to see Thoroughly Modern Millie, put on at the Johannesburg Civic Theatre. While M says he didn't enjoy it as much as he thought he would, possibly because he doesn't know the songs, I loved it and recommend it just for the fun of it.

Before then, I saw my oldest uncle, out from Cowes on the Isle of Wight, who was visiting the family in South Africa with my aunt for the first time in many years. We had a wonderful time for the few short hours we were together, plus M got to meet more of my family.


From 8 to 12 January 2007, I attended a couple of Microsoft Training courses. These were:

– Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services
– Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services

I have learnt a lot from these courses, and will be taking over from a colleague who is leaving our bank for another bank, in charge of Reporting Services.

Received today from Internet Service Providers Association

Dear Randolph

Thank you for contacting ISPA with your complaint. This message serves as confirmation your complaint has been received. The service provider has been notified of your complaint and has 10 (ten) working days to rectify the matter, failing which a complaints panel hearing will be scheduled.

For more information on the complaint process please review the
following URLs:

ISPA Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct Complaint Process

Should you have any queries or additional supporting information please contact the ISPA secretariat for more info:

ISPA Compliance Office

Sentech mail naming convention

It appears that internal email addresses follow the following naming convention: surname plus first initial @

Now I just need names of the MyWireless people in charge, to complain loudly.