Surprise parties

M threw me a surprise party, so I'd like to thank the following people for attending:

Candice, Trevor, Toni, Shaun, Steven, Paul, Jaco and Melanie.

There was even an ice cream cake, with the Star Trek logo emblazoned on the top and "29.9" under it. It's my joke that goes as follows: "I'll never turn 30, just 29.9. Next year it'll be 29.99. In 2008 I'll turn 29.999. It works like warp speed in Star Trek."

Unfortunately, certain staff members of the eating establishment did not understand that ice cream should be stored in a freezer and not a refrigerator, so it got a little runny. So we put it in the freezer.

I fetched it this morning from said establishment, and currently the oddly-shaped ice cream cake is sitting in my freezer waiting to be consumed when M gets home from work.

Thank you so much for a wonderful evening, which I will remember for a long time.

My new PC

I got a new PC at work: the Dell Precision 490. It’s a replacement because my older HP wasn’t coping with the massive amount of processing we’re doing for SQL reports.

I’ve spent most of Friday and today setting it up, which included a transfer of all my old data (20GB worth), and now it’s pretty much done. I’ve got:

Windows XP Professional
Office 2003 Professional
Visual Studio 6.0 Enterprise
Visual Studio .NET 2003 Enterprise Architect
Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition
SQL Server 2000
SQL Server 2005

I haven’t done any load testing yet, but it seems a little quicker than the old PC.



Recent readers will know I'm a big girl when it comes to spiders. Today I got an SMS, followed by a phonecall, from an ex-pupil of mine. He has just been bitten by a spider, and asked me what to do. I told him to find a doctor and if possible, take the spider with him, or at the very least, try and describe it.

I'm a little overwhelmed by the fact that I was the first person he asked what to do. Just as well I'm sitting down. In the phonecall he said there was a doctor close by, so he's going straight there.

Bewildering, isn't it? I hope it isn't serious, Kenneth.


For 29 years, I couldn't understand how "china" meant "friend", until I read an article about Cockney Rhyming Slang.

China –> china plate –> mate
Bread –> bread and honey –> money
Veras –> Vera Lynns –> skins –> Rizlas

The last one is interesting, because it is heard in my favourite song of all time, Ebeneezer Goode by The Shamen. When they performed on Top of the Pops, the BBC asked them not to say "Veras", so Mr C replaced it with "underlays". The BBC was furious, until he explained that it's a thinly veiled reference to rugs.

Gotta love 'em.

Choral verse

I'd like to join the growing chorus of calls for President Thabo Mbeki to get an HIV test, along with all other senior members of parliament. While he's about it, perhaps he can settle the rumours once and for all that he's not a soaker.


I've just read an uncredited description of Madonna as the "Old Mother Hubbard of Pop". I think it's brilliant!