I saw this at the end of a news article, on BusinessWeek's website:

"Copyright 2006, by The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed."

Huh? How can something be copyrighted if I rewrite it? Isn't that the point of copyright? If it changes, it's no longer the original material?

As for "may not be published", what the hell? It's a news article and is meant to be published. And isn't BusinessWeek at fault for publishing copyrighted material?

I give up!

This is disgusting

According to the article, many black South African men are using virgin women to "test" their HIV status. If she gives birth to a healthy baby and is still breathing after the birth, with no rapid weight loss, then everything is fine. Then, on to the next woman.

This is disgusting, and has to stop.

See related link.

Kurt Angle leaves WWE

"[Owing] to personal issues, Kurt Angle has been granted an early release from his contract. WWE looks forward to establishing a new relationship with Kurt in the near future."

Apparently his body is so banged up (and his neck – let's not forget his neck – which he broke and still continued to wrestle for a long time) that he was taking pain medication just to perform each night, so I hope he recovers enough to come back again. Several wrestlers have suffered neck or back fractures, including Steve Austin, Chris Benoit and Shawn Michaels, and so far Austin hasn't been able to wrestle again.

See related link.

Web hosting and me

I've been looking at hosting options this last few days, and I can pay for a virtual machine running Debian Linux, which I can configure to my heart's content if I so desire. I can run virtual hosts on Apache, qmail and vpopmail for all my domains, and all for under R200 a month. Definitely appealing.

Discovered in my inbox this afternoon

A serious warning emanating from the SAPS

I have sent a warning of this nature before, but this one has a new twist. Please print this out and give it to your household, your staff and any guards you may have to read.

People acting as members of the SAPS are going around houses, knocking on the doors claiming there was a break-in at the neighboring house and they need to check your property. The minute they are allowed entry, they assault the person, rob them and there have been reports of rape as well

Please tell your household:

NO POLICEMAN MAY ENTER YOUR HOUSE WITHOUT A WARRANT. All Police Officers carry SAPS I.D. cards and must produce these on request, but how many of us will know what we are looking at. The best thing anyone should do before the gate or door is opened, is to phone your security company to come and verify the people standing at your gate. The panic button could also be set off. They could also phone the Metro Police 10111.


Looking for a new home Problem solved

UPDATE: (2006-08-30) My ISP has decided to let me stay, after apologising profusely for the inconvenience. They have admitted that they handled the situation badly. I am no longer looking for a new home, but my opinion of the man with whom I dealt has not changed one iota.

UPDATE: (2006-08-28) My ISP is trying to resolve this issue amicably, and spent 10 minutes on the phone with me this morning to discuss possibilities. I am giving them until the end of this week to find a resolution. Original post below.

My ISP for the last five years (since 30 June 2001), has given me seven days to remove NCANE.COM from their servers. The email is from the Profiles and Abuse Administrator, who states:

"We understand that you are not generating the [spam] yourself, but our services are being abused. As we cannot fore-see a resolution for the type of site you are hosting, we suggest that the site is moved to a new hosting company within seven days. As we take the matter very seriously, should we receive any further complaints within the seven days, the site will be suspended immediately." (emphasis added)

The Solar System

So Pluto has been downgraded to a dwarf planet, and Charon didn't make the cut. So now, the Solar System looks like this, as far as I can tell:

The Sun


[Xena] (2003 UB313)
[Buffy] (2004 XR190)

Quote of the day

"A woman's organism is different" – Nikolai Sevastyanov, head of the RKK Energia space corporation, on announcing that Anousheh Ansari of the United States will be the next space tourist. And a woman's organism. See related link.

“He googled that hottie”

According to the related link, Google is trying to stop people from using its name as a generic verb in phrases it says are potentially damaging to the brand.

Well, officially, f*ck you Google. So much for "do no evil". If your name is in the dictionary, that can only help build your brand. Stop being so damn corporate.

Oh, and another thing, I read that major Google shareholders have cashed in around $7bn but NOT put the money back into the company, or any other company. Curious? That's 9 people walking around with $7bn in cash. I want some. Larry and Sergey have around $2bn each.