I'm still sickly. The flu has taken over.

I installed Office 2007 Beta 2 today and I think it's very cool. It doesn't seem much slower than Office 2003, and although I need to get used to the ribbon toolbars, it seems quite intuitive.

It is now installed on all the PCs in my house, which goes to show that Microsoft must be doing something right.

Saving to PDF is VERY cool, and about time.

The XML file format is similar to the OpenOffice standard, so file sizes are smaller. Also very cool.

Quote of the day

"Now let's go do something you'll regret later" – evil demon guy from Charmed who was trying to steal some Buddhist staff.

Now being the sick person that I am, I commented that this would be an excellent pick-up line. It's ballsy and will definitely get results. Of course, it is winter, so expect a slap in the face to warm up those cheeks, boys!

A few things

1) I'm waiting for my beloved to get home.

2) I am cold.

3) I am sick again. Running nose, scratchy throat.

4) At least the coffee is good.

5) The Smiters of Iniquity website is getting more traffic than I would have believed.

6) I still need to pay my rent.

7) My housemate is watching "The Grudge" with Muffy McTitsSarah Michelle Gellar.

8) Did I mention my nose is running?

9) The maid is coming tomorrow and we have another showday on Sunday.

10) I need to SMS Michelle to confirm for Sunday afternoon.

SOI Website

This is just to inform all followers of the Smiters of Iniquity that there is now a real website to create forums and post topics and generate worldwide chaos (our ultimate goal). Take a look at and register.

Ignore the date and time stamps of my first messages on the forum. I set the clock forward GMT +2 but the server had already compensated, so I was two hours ahead of myself! It's fixed now but it won't reset the original dates and times.

Register on the site, and I will rank you according to the current standings on our competition disciple listing.

SOI: Official Salute

In consultation with my first disciple, Delano, we have decided on an official salute for the Smiters of Iniquity. Whenever you wish to declare your allegiance to the SOI, simply raise your middle finger.

For best results, do this while Elton John is swearing at you. I can almost guarantee eternal life.

SOI in the house … taking up space …

Followers of the Smiters of Iniquity

Just to let you know that I'm going to move the NRO/SOI blog to another location to facilitate better management of the system. I think a forum will be the best idea, so then you can all contribute.

I'll keep you informed.

EDIT (14h00) No such luck. Our Telkom line is down at work so I can only do web stuff at the moment … no FTP! The SOI site will have to wait.

Legalities of the SOI

For tax reasons, we will sell SOI-beans, which will be the same as Jelly Beans, but will have the Power of Virtuous Carbon (PVC) injected into each one. People can eat these in cinemas across the world, or simply use them as candles when the power goes out.