Assignments and Sleep

My History assignment, on the political impact of economic sanctions against South Africa from 1980 to 1993, has been submitted to UNISA online. I love the ease that the World Wide Web has brought to degrees by correspondence. Now I do most of my submissions on PC and then upload them via the UNISA student portal.

A remarkable (or unremarkable, if you like) thing I noticed as I was going through old blogs earlier this evening, is the time of submission on many of them being way past midnight. I forget how bad my sleeping pattern is most of the time.

Hopefully, with my boyfriend and fiance (one and the same) moving in this Saturday, my sleeping pattern will actually become normal :-).


Yay! My login wasn't broken – I just can't type! I'm still off to bed now though. I'll look into it when the sun is up.

History of the World, Part 1

I am putting the finishing touches to my History assignment, which is due tomorrow (30th). I just have to do the referencing and bibliography – something I've been quite adept at when helping others. I got 100% for my first assignment, and this one is not compulsory, but it does count towards the semester mark and gets me into the habit of essay writing again.

I think, however, that now is the time to get into bed! My login appears to be broken (do you have to renew those?), and it's way too late to install the whole encyclopaedia at this time of day. Good night!