On the launch of ncane.com

ncane.com is much closer to official launch. I’ve abstracted all the database connectivity, used include files for the header and footer, and ramped up the user management stuff to look like the rest of the site.

Since 1 March 2006, listed as the official launch date of ncane.com, happens to be a public holiday (we have elections for local government) I may decide to launch one day earlier or later.

Yes, I know that means a possible launch of tomorrow. It depends on whether I feel like tackling the user management integration with the link database. I’ve made all the necessary tables and so forth, but I need to spend about two or three hours finalising everything.

My beloved is feeling ill today so I hope he feels better soon. I love you Marinus!

Comment mail

ncane.com now allows you a 100-character description to attach to any link you’re sending to a friend.

Also I changed the entire db structure to InnoDB because of the transaction-based stuff I want to build in, and also row-locking instead of table-locking. It makes it a little slower, but with the 50 lines or so of PHP code that constitutes the entire site, I don’t think it’s too much of a problem 🙂

I failed to mention a couple of weeks back that I rewrote the random URL generator code, so that it generates any length of string between 2 and 8 characters in length. No use wasting what amounts to thousands of potential URLs.

So at the moment, you can have a small URL such as http://ncane.com/2u (Google Mail), or a longer one like http://ncane.com/wiki (Wikipedia).

Wondering Minstrel

Well, it’s a pun on “Wandering Minstrel”, because I’m wondering what’s up with the Internet connection at work today.

I installed Internet Explorer 7 (Beta 2) for Windows XP Service Pack 2 (whatever happened to just calling it IE7b2XPSP2 I wonder?). It is sluggish. The refreshing of the entire window whenever I open a new tab sucks. It feels bloated. Give me Mozilla Firefox anyday.

For the record, I flirted briefly with migrating ncane.com‘s MySQL database to PostgreSQL. The feeling went away when I realised there isn’t a graphical equivalent to PHPMyAdmin for PostgreSQL installed with the hosting provider.

I’m hungry … who’s for lunch?

Sickly Child

Yesterday and today I’ve been off work with pharyngitis. Last night I had a quiet evening with my beloved for Valentine’s Day.

ncane.com is moving on steadily. It now allows you to email a short URL to your friend. It launches officially on 1 March 2006.

ncane.com Update

Full steam ahead on this venture of mine. I have now modified the database to accept user information, descriptions, and customised link names (up to 8 characters – we’re keeping the links small, remember?), and so on.

On 1 March is the official launch of the premium site, catering to advertisers who want to use ncane.com for link tracking and other things.

This premium service will be a paid for by the advertisers who want to use it, in combination with the URL referrer technology.


I’ve just launched the beta of my new project, ncane.com. ncane is a Zulu word meaning “small”. Check it out. It generates a small URL based on a 6-character random value.

I wrote it in PHP and MySQL on a Linux platform, and it took a couple of hours. It’s still beta, so some of the kinks haven’t been ironed out yet, and we’re working on how it looks still.

I’ve hard-coded some links into the database already, such as http://ncane.com/wiki for the site http://en.wikipedia.org/.