Have a listen to foreign music if you get a chance. Alright, let me rephrase: have a listen to non-English music if you get a chance. You may well find a number of really excellent songs that have missed commercial success because, well, they’re not sung in English.

So I was wondering what it would take to select the cream of, for example, Afrikaans music through the last 25 years, and translate those songs into English and record them.

The goal? To get exposure (and money) for the original artists (songwriters), and of course to show the world that it’s not reliant on crap music and low quality covers laid out by the big American Song Machine. Then again, I suppose this idea is nothing more than a cover version.

What do you think?

To Buy A Fat Pig

I remember the rhyme now:

To market, to market,
To buy a fat pig
Home again, home again,
Dancing a jig.

Well, in any event, I got made an offer for a new job starting either end of December or beginning of next year, as a programmer.

Sounds, glamorous, doesn’t it? I’m so looking forward to it! I would have loved to stay teaching, so it ultimately came down to the amount of money on the table.

Now hopefully I can specialise. I’ve been a generalist for too long.