Blast from the Past

I’m finished! On a whim, I typed in the name of the console computer system I had in the early 1980s, my first computer if you will, and I found it!

Check out the CreatiVision by VTech, complete with 2MHz Rockwell 6502A CPU (the same architecture, but preceding the Commodore 64), 17KB of RAM (yes, 17,408 bytes of memory), and an audio cassette tape drive!

I’m so happy. I’m downloading the emulator and I’m going to play all the old games. Call me sad, but this is the machine I learnt BASIC on, when I was just a young boy.

Standard Crank

I just tried to log into my CC’s bank account now to find that I cannot get in – it says no accounts are linked to the card number. How bizarre!


Edit (24/10/2005): Turns out the FICA bunch locked my account down. I went into the bank, complained quietly, told them I submitted FICA paperwork in June, and the account was unfrozen. Yippee! They told me the guy who did the FICA paperwork “is no longer with us”. Do you think they killed him? Anyway, after this good news, I changed the title of this entry from “Standard Wank” to “Standard Crank”.


I had a massive argument with Nick last night (the one who broke up with me in December) and I’m feeling terrible. I only managed about 4 hours of sleep, which matches the 4 hours from the previous night.

Anyway, I’m not sure how things will progress from here. We were supposed to be friends, and then I said something that I thought was harmless: a thought experiment, and it turns out it wasn’t harmless after all.

So I’ve been down today. My new love has been supportive of my mood, but I’ve asked him not to take sides.

Edit (18:30): I think we need to have a break, to focus on our respective lives and goals.

Revival Tour

What to say when someone you are over asks “so when are we going to be lovers?”.

My reply:

“Um, which part of never wasn’t clear the first time? I am sorry for hurting you in 1998 but that isn’t an invitation for a revival tour.”

Remember to give me full credit.

Project Dreamwings

Tonight I was inspired by the story of Arthur Piercy, an ex-fighter pilot who was shot down during the Border War and became a quadriplegic.

He is an impassioned speaker and it’s worth checking out his website, Project Dreamwings.

Not much else that I can remember. I’m tired so I’m going to bed.

Sally Forth

My housemate and I get up to a lot of nonsense (no, you sick perverts, we do not, nor will we ever, have any sexual contact), but tonight he took the cake.

I was listening to Jean-Michel Jarre’s tribute to Jacques Cousteau, “Calypso”, and asked Chris to name the artist. After a couple of aborted attempts, he came up with “Steel Drum Sally”.

I have yet to swallow my next morsel of food I’m giggling so hard. Every time I think about it I want to laugh. Now my food is getting cold. Chris, you’re evil.