Blah Blah Blah

Blah blah blah, sitting at quarter to one in the morning, typing up a report for a customer. At least I’ll get paid!

Life goes on otherwise. School is awesome. I’ve also got another job lecturing during school holidays, and marking learnership assessments. Yay, me! Plus, the best part is my Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) degree which started this year. I should finish it in five years (it’s a four-year degree).

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Happy.

Well done me, I also recorded the 60 000th hit on this website today.

First up, hello to all you kids from my school who found my website. Well done, not that it was that difficult.

Secondly, Led Zeppelin won a Lifetime Grammy Award last night and I’m so happy. The Immigrant Song is my favourite of theirs and I suggest watching School of Rock to see the first film containing a Led Zep song.

I got back from a week away in South America on Thursday last week with a work colleague, for work and the Carnival. I even entered the famous Sambodrome Parade on the Sunday evening. We were in the Vila Isabel samba school, and we brought our costumes back.