Another year, another wrinkle

It has certainly been an interesting week in the world:

  • Around 125 000 people perished in South East Asia from tsunamis caused by a massive earthquake.
  • Microsoft had to pay their fine to the EU.
  • The Euro is too strong.
  • I turned 28.
  • My other half is away at Sun City with family. Oh, that’s right: he isn’t my other half, since he broke up with me on 18 December, over MSN Messenger.

I have nothing to do to celebrate the New Year for the first time in my life.

I made it!

Well I made it to 28. When I was younger, I never imagined myself making it this far. I’m serious! I never actually thought I’d ever get past 27.

Well, so far it’s almost three hours old, but my 28th birthday has proven every feeling wrong. Granted I have until 6pm local time to be sure, but let’s not get technical.

I wrote a couple of poems in the last two weeks; the newest one called The Anchor, which is about the break-up I am presently going through with someone I loved completely.

The other one, Light in the Window, was written for a friend of my sister’s whose grandmother died in tragic circumstances.

Fast One

Tomorrow is my birthday. I’ll be 28 years old. I’m wondering if I can pull a fast one on the world and pretend I’m turning 27 again. I’ve been out of the public eye for a while, so it may be possible!

I’ve got lots to say but don’t know where to start. Being dumped over MSN four days before your birthday can do that to a guy.