Tomcruise of the Month

What a load of nonsense! I had to generate a new blog entry to get this off my chest. Some monkey who claims to be a consultant has labelled the World Community Grid project a potential “powerful cyber-terror weapon”. The article can by found here. He reckons that if “hackers manage to penetrate the super-network”, it could be used for “sinister purposes”.

This man is smoking his socks. He’s clearly never heard of SETI@home, BOINC or Google Compute. And of course he seems to forget that Microsoft Windows is able to perform mass denial of service attacks at any given time. Give me a break, “consultant”. If you want to add anything useful, try recommending that people install the latest firewall, spyware and antivirus software on their computers instead of wasting my time.

I’m nominating Ian Melamed from Shaya Technologies as my Tomcruise of the Month.

Update (2006/03/30 09:30): I guess Ian Melamed feels like a bit of a twat right now. No cyber-terror weapon this side of the timeline.

Update (2006/04/26 13:28): Still no cyber-terror weapon this side of the timeline. I’ve also renamed him from dumbass to tomcruise, but you’ll have to read this to understand why.

Update (2007/03/24 22:57): Still no cyber-terror weapon.

Update (2008/12/30 23:43): Still no cyber-terror weapon, although in fairness, it’s only been four years since it was suggested.

Update (2009/05/01 14:50): Still no cyber-terror weapon.

Update (2011/06/01 19:25): Still no cyber-terror weapon. And even the PlayStation Network hack was done from Amazon EC2 through a proxy, but not the World Community Grid!

Update (2011/12/20 22:09): Still no cyber-terror weapon.

Update (2012/08/25 21:08): Still no cyber-terror weapon.