I slept with David Beckham and want to sell my story

Well, the fuss with my website has subsided somewhat. I’ve now had over 33 000 hits in the last 12 days thanks to the anonymous advertisement on AOL for April Fool’s Day.

In other news, David Beckham is being accused of having several extra-marital affairs. I decided that I need to jump onto this bandwagon, and state that I too have had an affair with David Beckham. Alhough I have no proof to substantiate this claim, and I have never met him, I think it’s only fair that I get my fifteen minutes of fame too!

So you heard it here: David Beckham had an extra-marital affair with me. It happened last year, on the 29th of February. I was visiting Elizabeth, the Queen Mother (an old friend of mine) when he popped over to Sandringham and we shagged in the kitchen on the steel table where the Corgis get fed. Um, yeah.

Good Grief!

The most incredible thing happened today. April Fool’s Day has traditionally never been particularly interesting in my life. However, today, since around 8am EST (USA is around eight hours behind), my website has received over 11 000 hits and is still rising. I managed to obtain the originating address, from AOL. I would like to thank whomever it was that put my URL on AOL’s website, and for the resulting traffic. I just hope my ISP doesn’t get too upset with me.

To see what all the fuss is about, tell me what’s wrong with this picture.

Update 20:14: Before today, my hit counter was in the mid 11 000s. As of right this second (and climbing every two to three seconds), the counter is at 26 247. Thank you for your support!

Update 20:17: 26 291.

Update 20:27: As of right now, the counter sits at 26 469. I’m going to post the statistics tomorrow on this page to show you how AOL has made my month.

Update 21:30: 27 601.