Bad Days

Yesterday was my birthday. Nick is currently in Durban so could not join me, so my sister and her friends, plus two other friends, went out for dinner and drinks at a local casino mall … er, yes …

Today is another bad day.

It’s also my last official working day, as someone else’s employee. From 5 January I am self-employed. Yes I am very scared. That’s a good thing. See you all next year!

No Internet Access At Home

Almost the middle of December. One week and six days to Christmas. Ten days to my 27th birthday. And still no Internet access at home. I’m starting to get very anxious about that little fact, because it’s going to affect my productivity if I’m working from there! I can still use the facilities at the office, even though I’m contracting, but it’s inconvenient.

There’s a company that is launching a wireless Internet solution at the end of January though, which is definitely worth looking at: it costs R849 per month for a 256kbps connection. While this is more expensive than ADSL, and a little slower, it is the same speed both ways, and doesn’t rely on those bastard telephone people who monopolise the industry, so I don’t need a telephone line!

Civilization III

Whoooooooo! Civilization III is sooooooooo cooooooool.

Ok, I’m going on about this but it really is so much better than Civilization and Civ II. Go out, put your money on the counter and get this!

Laptop Replacement

I bought me a USB thumb drive today. It’s only 256MB, but that’s enough for me to carry around all of my web and software development files with me wherever I go. Talk about convenient. Now all I need is a laptop and I’ll be sorted.

I Quit

I resigned from my day job today. I’ve really had enough of petty nonsense and politics (accused of stealing software).

So I’ve spoken to the boss, and she’s agreed to keep me on in a consulting capacity, for the same money, and I am only responsible for getting their website up and running, plus a bit of proof-reading once a week (for additional cash of course!).

I think it’s a fair deal.

World AIDS Day

Happy AIDS Day … sort of.

This morning the local radio station gave a Christmas Wish to a man called Andries dying from AIDS: free medical treatment for the rest of his life. That’s worth more than anything else.

I wasn’t upset that I didn’t win the prize to go see Justin Timberlake in London (I was in the draw), because of Andries and the other people who have died from a disease that crossed the social and racial lines like no other.

Life’s too precious to worry about the small stuff.