Red Hat, moving, and why desktop Linux won’t take off

Installed and running successfully: Red Hat 9.0 and all patches, qmail 1.03 and all patches. Now I need to sleep!

After purchasing some additional items of clothing on Monday, I redid my entire closet space last night. I never knew I had so much rubbish! For the past 20-odd years, I’ve had a cupboard and a chest of drawers in which I’ve kept my large collection. Now that I’ve moved into my own place, I decided to put everything in one set of cupboards and use the chest for something else, like papers or whatever. I’ve now got a pile of stuff that could fill two drawers, which I no longer want or need. I guess I should call the Salvation Army around.

After playing with Red Hat Linux for the past couple of weeks, I’ve come to realise that we are not going to see the death of Microsoft’s hold on the desktop market. Why? Well, Windows is just so damn easy. There’s nothing else to it, it’s that clear cut. Longhorn Vista is going to make us wonder what we were doing all these years before, when it comes out in 2006. Windows Server 2003 kicks ass on four- and eight-way processor platforms. AMD’s Opteron and Longhorn will be an unbeatable marketing combination for Joe User.

Linux is superior technically, but I am not a fan of following build instructions line by line to get something installed. The purist in me says that’s the whole point, but the impatience in me says screw that, and let’s just double-click the setup icon. Methinks the tech-head doth protest too much.

Pet Shop Boys

There’s a new Pet Shop Boys album out! I’m gonna get PopArt, sight and sound unseen. I downloaded “Positive Role Model” (legally, off their site) a few months ago and I liked it. Last album I bought without listening first was Depeche Mode’s Exciter.

Red Hat vs Windows

So now I’ve formatted and reinstalled Red Hat, but this time version 9.0. I ran up2date and everything is up to date … yes well.

Anyway the next step is to reinstall qmail, plus SpamAssassin is already installed, so hopefully I won’t have the same problems as I did on Monday.

I have a better feeling about Red Hat 9, I must be honest. 8.0 was kind of like Windows 2000, and Red Hat 9.0 is more like Windows XP, in that the latter is just better than the former.

Don’t delete root …

Here’s a handy hint I should put in for those of you who recall my escapades with Red Hat 8.0:

Don’t delete the root user account, even if it’s by accident.

I did. I recreated it with the same levels and everything, and then when I rebooted, I couldn’t log in.

That’s sort of okay, because the machine runs perfectly, and I do have the right access on my other username, but there are just some things you can’t do without being root. D’oh!

Linux is fun

I know most of you don’t care, but I managed to configure qmail 1.0.3 on a Red Hat 8.0 machine, acting as a secure relay between my Microsoft Exchange 5.5 mail server and the SmoothWall 1.0 GPL firewall.

Did everybody get that? Well, I did, and I am so chuffed with myself. Considering that getting the relay part to work was a lot of trial and error, and I only had one email returned to sender (a test sent by myself, to myself), I am satisfied with my accomplishments. Now I know I can do it, and as it turns out, this is not difficult if you read the instructions.

For the record, it took half an hour to install Red Hat (after it took two hours to give up on downloading Debian), and then most of today to get this to work.

Moving and writing

My move into my new apartment is almost complete. I have all the basic necessities, but am borrowing a television set from my better half. I still need curtain rails, and I require a three-piece lounge suite. I spotted a decent set a week or so ago, which I quite liked. Next step is to visit the showroom, choose the right (neutral) colour, and then three weeks of delivery.

I’ve been toying with the idea of expanding my Writing section substantially. I have become rather opinionated on a number of issues, and I am going to start writing some articles on whatever topic seems to be of interest. It will have no particular frequency either … just an arbitrary ramble. But the blog format does not really suit the concept I have in mind, so that’s why I’m not doing it here.