On the up and up

On Saturday morning, I make the final move into my new home. I had been carting various odds and ends to my new apartment before now, and today I moved my microwave oven and video machine. Tomorrow I’m moving my computer and clothing, and as much of the small stuff, so that Saturday is completely devoted to the bed, bookcase and candle – no wait, that’s a pop group isn’t it?

My dog, whose breed is as close as dammit to Bruiser’s Mom in Legally Blonde 2 (incidentally my vote for worst movie ever made), is going to be boarding with my mother. She’s a terror on four legs. The dog, not my mother! And no, I don’t mean “terrier”, although she could have some of that in her. The dog, not my mother!

Moving on up, to the east side

To quote the Nature Boy Ric Flair, “Woooooooooooooooooooo!” I found a place to live! It’s a two-bed, two-bathroom apartment on the top floor of a new complex, with a built-in braai (barbecue) on the balcony.

I’ve decided to take the plunge and get it. It was the first place I looked at, and something inside me said “this is the one”. I can’t stop thinking about it. I went to the bank today to get an advance on the money I’m getting from selling my house, so that I can buy some furniture.

I move in officially on 1 November 2003, which is a Saturday, so lots of heavy lifting! A friend of mine is having a batchelor’s party the following day, so I hope to get a good night’s rest after my move. How much does a fridge cost? And a microwave?

On Websites

Is 1711 a large number of hits on a personal website with an obscure URL that has only been live since June 2003? I started the counter at 8000, being the approximate number of hits since I launched my original website, Randolph’s Delusions of Grandeur, in October 1995. It then became Topkapi’s Playroom for a long time, and finally Quantum Resonance. What scares me silly is that some of the original words are still on the current incarnation!

In 80 days from now, my website will be 3000 days old. In 2 days from now though, it will be 8 years old. Unfortunately, the address has not been consistent for many of those days, so I guess that puts a bit of a damper on things. I’ve listed the URLs my site has been located at, in the hopes that the odd search engine might finally match up the stragglers.

* http://www.iafrica.com/~rbsp/
* http://www.rucus.ru.ac.za/~randolph/
* http://www.icon.co.za/~topkapi/
* http://topkapi.www.icon.co.za/
* http://home.mweb.co.za/to/topkapi/
* http://e-llusion.co.za/topkapi
* http://e-llusion.biz/topkapi/
* http://xqrx.com/
* http://rabryst.ca/

I originally wanted to post something profound this morning, but I forgot what it was that I wanted to say, hence the ramblings above. Go figure!

Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003

Whoopee! I got my package from Microsoft, courtesy of DHL. They sent me the Visual Studio.NET 2003 Enterprise upgrade, and it comes with a lot of goodies and other free stuff. Now I just gotta buy me a fast enough computer to run it on!