Pride and Microsoft

Yesterday was a big day for out and proud gay (and lesbian) people in Johannesburg, being the 14th Annual Pride Parade and Mardi Gras. I didn’t go. Instead, I drove Nick to a company where he did a whole bunch of psychometric tests as part of a graduate recruitment programme. He’s looking for a job, you see. Anyway, I bought a book and a Steer’s cheese burger, and waited the three hours or so until he was done, and it was worth every second.

The Pride after-party (we’ll find any excuse to have a party) was not as successful as we might have expected, but the venue was a new club that opened last night, called Kulcha. As a venue, it has a lot of great potential, including location. Let’s hope that this place will last. There’s nowhere else to go anyway.

On the programming front, I realised that Visual Basic 6.0 is dying a slow and painful death in the software development world, so I decided to start playing with Microsoft Visual C#, part of the Visual Studio .NET suite. So far, I have made one button do something when you click on it, a message box pop up, and a timer to show the current date and time. I’m really chuffed with myself.

The paperwork for a business plan I mentioned previously in another blog was signed off on Friday afternoon. Now we visit the next step. I’m not much closer to my target of ten billion euros by my thirtieth birthday though.

You say goodbye, and I say hello

After a really unpleasant exchange of telephone calls and emails last week, I told my best friend that I no longer wished to continue our friendship.

Ironically, no sooner had I done that, than out of the blue I receive an email from a very old friend (I went to school with him from 1986 to 1994), and I told him to come and take a look at this site. Hi Marc! We even wrote some bad poetry together in Grade 6.

Funny how life throws you these curve-balls. I hope that this is a friendship that can be rekindled, because I was less than pleasant towards him in the last couple of years at school. We’ll see.

What’s there to be proud of, anyway?

This embittered queen needs to move out of his house which he has been living in with his ex for the last year. No, he’s not coping well. If you know of any place I can move to in the next two weeks, I’d be most grateful. Rosebank, Illovo, Hyde Park, or Parkhurst are all possibilities at the moment.

How do you tell your ex to get a life? I am battling so hard with getting rid of this house, and he just doesn’t want to sell. It’s really frustrating. And then I’ve got Pride next weekend to worry about too. Nick wants us to avoid any cameras during the parade, which I respect, but it makes taking part rather difficult.

Gay Crasher

Well, last week I was too shocked to actually write anything about this, but now it’s time. My so-called best friend, whom I’ve known and been friends with since 1991, is getting married next year August. The only reason it’s only next year is because his fiancee’s mother only said she could marry after she turns 21.

It gets better. I have always been considered as the best man for his wedding, and vice versa. Now, when I think “best man”, I think ringbearer, speaker, sometimes even master of ceremonies.

Well, in this wedding, I’ve been told to sit quietly at the reception with all the other “queens” (his words), and I’m not allowed to speak. Well, there’s that option, or I can sit at the main table with a group of narrow-minded fools, and I’m not allowed to speak. Personally, I’d love to cause trouble with the homophobes, but I have to think about my partner, and the groom, etc.

What rubbish is that? I offered the job of best man to my dog yesterday. Now I just have to tell the groom.

Hey, I almost forgot! This best man isn’t allowed to hold a batchelor party unless it’s at least a week before the wedding, and no strippers are allowed. Well tie me to a tree by my neck and kick away my horse, why don’t you?

One of my “queen” friends suggested I crash the party as Dame Edna, and make a speech regardless. It’s a fine idea, and I have almost an entire year to prepare … it’s definitely worth consideration.

Better days

I just returned to my house (no, it hasn’t been sold yet!) from a really wonderful day at a Holiday Inn with my better half. Yes, we really went to a hotel to spend some quality time together. Yes it was worth it. Yes, I’d do it again. Yes I know we need to move into our own place.

On the work front, I am finalising a proposal with a few business partners, which should have the paperwork wrapped up in the next couple of weeks. Plus, I’m working on a top-secret plan to make lots of money. You might find it lame, but my Task list in Microsoft Outlook has an item set to expire on my 30th birthday, saying “Make €10 000 000 000”. That gives me 3 years, 4 months and 16 days … or around eight million euros per day. Start the clock, your time starts now.