Who in dang tarnation decided that managers need to have meetings so often? When am I supposed to get any work done? Oh … I get it … as my father would say, the word is “delegate”.

I haven’t slept yet and it’s almost 6am

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Work is continuing on track, both day job and of course the own company thing. I managed my first network installation on Tuesday and the client was very impressed, which is a good thing.

I really need to find a place to stay – I’ve considered moving back in with my mother temporarily, but the tension between her and my siblings, plus the difficulty in having my better half come and visit, might make life difficult.

Has anyone noticed how expensive a good refrigerator is? And a decent microwave? I swear I’m going to have to find alternate means of income at this rate. Two jobs is just not cutting it. Life needs to fall into place already, damn it!


I’ve been having a not so great week. Although I’m keeping busy, what with my various business opportunities and the day job that doesn’t go away, it doesn’t take away the pain I’m always feeling inside.

I’m lonely. That’s the only way to describe the pain. I spent five wonderful weeks overseas with Nick, and yet, back in my home country I don’t feel at home because I can’t be with him.

The main issue is that I need to find somewhere to live. The biggest problem is the huge investment I’ll have to make with furniture and other necessities, and to top it all off, my man is unable to live with me, because I can’t afford it.

So I’m down and depressed today, and feeling like I need a hug. I’m going to see him tonight, but the same old story applies: I’ll eventually have to say goodbye, and my heart can’t take it anymore.