Waiting Game

It’s past home-time, and here I sit at the office, waiting for 6pm so that I can go and visit Nick. Who knew five weeks would fly past so quickly, and I’d be so lonely yet again. My cell phone bill went DOWN when I was overseas with him, because I didn’t have to phone so often just to hear his voice. (Yeah yeah, I can hear you all gagging – I’ll stop now.)

I cannot wait until my house is sold, my residual income is resolved, and I can live with him full-time. Then our stress levels will drop substantially, and we’ll make Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones jealous.

Say what?

So explain to me how this works … the dumbass who screwed up the company at my day job got fired, and everyone he identified for retrenchment kept their jobs, because he wasn’t allowed to retrench them. So that’s fine, I keep my job.

Then when the new boss comes in yesterday, she promotes me. So now I’m full IT Manager, senior staff member, etc., etc. It’s a mixed feeling, because nobody knows if the company will make it.

What is a man to do? Nick says (and I agree) that I should stick around a while, because nothing looks better on a CV than “manager” and “senior” and responsibilities, etc.

Ah well, let’s see what happens. I’ve been verbally assured of an increase next April (new financial year), but I don’t know if I can wait that long.

I’m back!

I’m back from overseas and loads of news, but no time now :-).

We visited Athens, Kalamata, Glifada, Patra, and Kefallonia (the island where Captain Corelli’s Mandolin was filmed) while in Greece.

Also, thanks to my friend Dirk, we visited The Hague, Amsterdam, and Rotterdam (completely rebuilt after the Second World War).

In the UK, we visited London and Cambridge, the latter to find out whether Nick can study there, and if he likes it. I haven’t walked that much in a very long time.