Retrenched twice by the same company in three months?

I work for a bunch of ASSES! Today is the second time since the beginning of March 2003 that I have been identified for retrenchment. This time though, it’s not just my department they want to close. No, the holding company wants to pretty much get rid of everyone. Well stuff them, I say.

If you want to offer me a job, I’m REALLY interested.

On the bright side, I got an Evaluation copy of Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition installed on my work PC. It rocks. It’s not as quick as Windows XP, but I’m very impressed. On the other hand, I have a Red Hat 8.0 installation on the PC right next to it, so I’m quite happy playing between the two.

It’s utter madness, I tell you!

I got some crazy notion the other day to buy a dot-com domain name, no more than four characters long, and I settled on the most unlikely combination:

Then I decided to port my personal site over to that domain.

Then I decided to change the name from “Topkapi’s Playroom” to “Quantum Resonance”, so that it made sense with the domain name.

Madness, I tell you. What’s even crazier is that it all somehow makes sense! Only in my lunchbox.

Blog Update

What’s really interesting is how the blog has taken off on the Internet. Someone called it the “new BBS”, and in some ways I agree. Then again, in some ways I disagree, only because its community theme runs a bit dry when one considers that if you’re in the right clique, you’ll be able to promote your blog, vacuous as it may seem, as a top visited site.

I digress. In the past few months, a number of things have happened. In September 2002, I broke up with my then boyfriend, and I’m still living in the same house. It’s hard. The problem is that we bought the house together, and I want to sell while he doesn’t. In that respect, the argument went legal the other day, so I am forced to consult with an attorney of my own.

My current beau (the one to whom I have written poetry and fallen so deeply in love with, it makes other people sick to the stomach), is studying for a test at the moment, and tensions are high because we can’t spend as much time together as we’d like. But that’s life.

I’m starting a new business venture. My present company is doing quite well, but I want to get out of IT. Since a misunderstanding with UNISA messed up my plans to study this year, I plan to make money instead, and then I can buy my degree* like anyone else in South Africa.

I got two speeding fines the other day. I didn’t know about the second one until I went to pay the first, and saw “Amount Outstanding” at the bottom. Two fines in one go is impressive, even for me. I’ve never had any traffic violations before, and that includes sweet-talking my way out of THREE violations for talking on my cellphone whilst driving.

* Joke.